2021Milano – Torino

Milano - Torino

Société Interludio is pleased to unveil Milano – Torino, a personal exhibition of the artist Andrea Barzaghi (Monza, 1988). 

Milano – Torino is a project thought and developed in two different places and in two different times: the first exhibit opened April 8th 2021 in Milan, in the headquarters of Forme Uniche editorial office for the project Emporio Centrale by Giuseppe Amedeo Arnesano and curated by Stefania Margiacchi. 

In this occasion, Andrea Barzaghi developed a site-specific work which rethinks the “arm” element and his studio transitioning all the way to projectual stability. Giving in this way a real body to his work – which transitions from the bidimensional to the tridimensional – the installation creates a dialogue with the exhibit space. 

If Milan constitutes the departure station of Barzaghi’s painterly reflection, Turin (which hosts the second part of the exhibition) becomes the destination station and also the place where thought and work expand conceptually. 

Presenting an oeuvre unseen before in Italy, the exhibition and the presented works aim to unravel studies and researches on an “expanded painting”: at the entrance the Braccia installation creates a bridge with the spatial intervention in Milan, continuing this idea of going beyond the limits of dimensionality. Here movement, differently form the work in the Forme Uniche headquarter, is not whirling anymore but rather circular at the beginning, to become then linear in the second space of the gallery with Pittore con autoritratto. This “eternal return” of a square (the gesture in bidimensionality) which becomes a circle (representing painting that, once expanded, becomes installation) ends with the canvas of the beginning, where painterly movement promptly comes back in form – this time within precise boundaries – but not in content which, on the other hand, is interested by constant change. 


Giuseppe Amedeo Arnesano (Lecce, 1982) Art historian, journalist and independent curator in 2020 started giardinoproject. He graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Università del Salento with consequent majors in Modern Art History at Università La Sapienza in Rome. He achieved an I level MA at LUISS Master of Art in Rome. A freelance journalist, signed in the Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti, since 2011 he collaborates as critic with the Morra Foundation in Naples. Among recent exhibitions, he is co-curator of the catalogue for the exhibit Shozo Shimamto/Spazio Nel Tempo curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, held for Manifesta12 – Palermo Capital of Culture. Executive curator of the exhibition on Vettor Pisani Victory of Pain for the Puglia project. Circuito del Contemporaneo, curated by Giusy Caroppo; co-curator of the Studio e Bottega – Tradizione e Creatività nel segno dell’Arte project, conceived by Ilaria Gianni and held in the spaces of Pastificio Cerere Foundation in Rome. He was also co-curator of Tracks. Linguaggi d’arte urbana exhibit at MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma. 

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