Introduzione all'opera di ANDREA BARZAGHI 2009 - 2022

The catalog was printed with a circulation of 300 copies, and includes, in addition to a wide selection of the works created by the artist from 2009 to 2022, the writings of the artists Paul de Flers and Caterina Silva and of the curators Federica Maria Giallombardo and Carolina Gestri.

Fanzine - L'ora Innocente
L’ora innocente - Fanzine

Giovanna Repetto, Agathe Rosa and Marco Schiavone with critical text by Vincenzo Estremo.

6 pittori Pavarolo
6 Pittori - Pavarolo

A PROJECT in collaboration with FRANCESCO POLI and STEFANO TESTA - FELICE CASORATI Foundation and the Municipality of PAVAROLO.

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