2021TITOLO l’edito inedito Cap. V Etere

TITOLO l’edito inedito Cap. V Etere

Société Interludio is pleased to host TITOLO l’edito inedito Cap. V Etere by Francesco Carone (Siena,1975), with a critical text and curatorship by Federica Maria Giallombardo. 

The exhibition will be open Thursday and Friday, from 16:00 to 19:00 and Saturday by appointment only; from September 14th to November 14th 2021. 

TITOLO l’edito inedito is a traveling project structured in 10 episodes (chapters) in a collection/exhibition/library format starting form Francesco Carone’s passion for books and the publishing industry. Combining with one another a multiple different works by several artists, Titolo is an exhibition project in which the fil rouge is represented by the exploration and aesthetic interpretation of the book as a physical and cultural object. Carone’s research encompasses artworks realized modifying, representing, photographing or overturning in every possible way existing books, newspapers and magazines, with a special predilection for actually written, printed and published ones. 

Titolo is a travelling exhibition, meaning that it develops in stages, growing step after step in the number of involved artists and which is hosted in different locations and contexts: the logic sought in the project is that of a library, where new editions from new authors are periodically acquired; the volumes already present on the shelves therefore have to shrink and reorganize themselves so to create new space for the newcomers. In this same way the set-up, in order to be accessible in the best of ways, is each time re-studied specifically on the basis of the hosting space and of the new works that have been added. 

Etere is the fifth chapter: once the tenth is reached, all the works will be given back to their legitimate authors/owners. They will be replaced by a shelf with all the copies of the books hijacked in the exhibited works (that, in the meantime, Carone has retrieved through bookshops, markets or online). 

For each chapter Carone writes a short story, which for now remains undisclosed. All the ten stories will be revealed in a single publication, released throught he usual ways of literature. 

_TITOLO has now reached its fifth chapter and actually hosts works by: 

Francesco Arena, Stefano Arienti, Sergia Avvenuti, Emanuele Becheri, Francesco Bernardi, Luca Bertolo,  Chiara Bettazzi, Chiara Camoni, Francesco Carone, David Casini, Cristian Chironi, T-Yong Chung, Michelangelo  Consani, Mario Dellavedova, Elena El Asmar, Carlo Guaita, Andrea Marescalchi, Amedeo Martegani, Maurizio  Mercuri, Sabrina Mezzaqui, Concetta Modica, Adriano Nasuti-Wood, Nero/Alessandro Neretti, Marco Neri,  Giovanni Oberti, Luca Pancrazzi, Luigi Presicce, Davide Sgambaro, Namsal Siedlecki, Enrico Tealdi, Eugenia  Vanni, Serena Vestrucci. 

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