Société Interludio space for contemporary art is pleased to inaugurate its exhibition activity with the collective exhibition Fragile. Paolo Inverni (Savigliano,1977), Sophie Ko (Tbilisi, 1981) and Giulio Saverio Rossi (Massa, 1988) were invited to give life to the rooms of this new place.

La vitre du réel est si fragile qu’il suffit parfois d’y poser l’ongle pour la rayer. 
(Maurice Chapelan)

Fragility, instability and unfinishedness are the subjects of this exhibition: a fil rouge runs through the chosen works and between the walls of the rooms, suggesting a range of changing realities on the basis of mutable points of view. The work of these artists responds to an artistic practice which is not blatantly “shouted”: the executional subtlety and the use of volatile materials such as earths, pigments, raw linen, glass, ashes bring out a common perception of a changing – and therefore precarious – reality. The subject matters and concepts behind each work are not left to the mercy of the outer world but, instead, kept in refined aesthetic forms, thus emphasizing their intimate yet not self-referential side. At the same time, though the exhibited works, a reflection on the relationship between man and his time emerges: the realities, incessantly revealing themselves, interact with ongoing infinity and an uninterrupted hic-et-nunc.

Société Interludio is a project developed and directed by the curator Stefania Margiacchi (1990) and the artist Paul de Flers (1988). A space for contemporary art, it is located in the main floor of an early-XX-century palace in Piazza Vittorio Veneto. The exhibitional spaces are strongly characterized by a venetian-style floor, suggesting an early use as a domestic home, now fully put to the service of visual arts. Entr’acte of other rooms, portion of space, Société Interludio aims to be a long artistic span that every operator and/or observer carves out of his daily life for attentive viewing. 



Sophie Ko  (Tbilisi, 1981) lives and works in Milan. Her works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions, including:  Sporgersi nella notte , Renata Fabbri contemporary art, Milan 2018; porgersi nella notte. Atto Primo, San Martino, The Open Box, Milan 2018; erra. Geografie temporali, Galleria de’Foscherari, Bologna, 2016; Silva imaginum , Renata Fabbri Contemporary Art, Milan, 2015; Sophie Ko Chkheidze, Solo Show , AplusB Contemporary Art, Brescia, 2014; Nel cielo dove qualcosa luccica, Museo Ettore Archinti, Lodi, 2013; Geografia Temporale , Nowhere Gallery, Milan, 2012; Ad altezza d’occhio, NuovoCIB-Galleria Formentini, Milan, 2011.

Paolo Inverni  (1977) lives and works in Turin. His artistic practice – based on the use of different languages ​​and media often taking the form of installations – investigates the concept of the point of view, and its relationship with the presumed objective reality. His works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions including:  Collective 5 + 5 , Galerie Italienne, Paris, 2018; Just a shadow of a shadow , Barriera, Turin, 2017; Teatrum Botanicum , PAV Living Art Park, Turin, 2017; Che il vero possa confutare il falso, Santa Maria della Scala / Accademia dei Fisiocritici / Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, 2016; Paths , Galerie Mazzoli, Berlin, 2009; Inner spaces , Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund, 2006.

Giulio Saverio Rossi  (Massa 1988) lives and works in Turin. His artistic practice develops as critical reflection on the role and possibilities of traditional media and reconsideration of the status of images today. Among his personal exhibitions:  Bordi / Borders / Bords # 1 , K+D project, Turin, 2018; No Subject , LOCALEDUE, Bologna, 2017 and  THAUMÀZEIN  at the Malaspina Castle, Massa, 2015. He also exhibited at contemporary research centers including: PAV Parco Arte Vivente, Turin, 2017; Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, Prato, 2015; the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Rivoli; 2008. He was selected to participate in several residency programs including: Landina (C.V.O. 2018)  VIR Viafarini-in-Residence, Milan, 2017, Mediterranean Landscapes, promoted by BJCEM and presented at Mediterranea 18 Biennale dei giovani artisti del Mediterraneo, Tirana 2017, Cartografia Sensibile, C.A.R.S., Omegna 2017 and SAC Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali, Polignano a Mare, 2015.

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