ArtVerona 17


Curated by Allegra Fantini

Presented by Galleria De ‘Foscherari

PAD12 | stand IN3


“The pure air is barely marked with light clouds. The air is pink. 

An ancient twilight has painted the square and its walls. 

And it lasts under the sky that lasts, rose-tinted summer more rosy summer. 

Around in the twilight air you can hear laughter, serenely, 

and from the walls protrudes a pink turret among the ivy that hides a bell… “

Dino Campana, Piazza Sarzano 1914


The selection of works of Société Interludio gallery, presented at ArtVerona17 by De’Foscherari gallery from Bologna, ranges from small to large canvases and starts from the desire to rediscover accords and combinations.

The concepts underlying the selection  on view have their germ in the fusion of the philosophies animating the two galleries involved. On the one hand, the intention of Société Interludio to be a place of interlude, of art and reflection; on the other hand, the program of research and experimentation that has been carried out by De’Foscherari since the 1960s. The pool of national and international artists exhibited in the stand becomes the germinal seed of a space centered arund a single fil rouge which, in hindsight, is better to define a fil rose. The pink color and its various shades – put in dialogue with their complementary tones – is in fact the trait d’union of the whole stand. The choice was not made by chance, but was based on a specific desire of challenge, towards the potential of the gallery itself and towards today’s art world. Pink is, in fact, one of the most difficult colours to render in a satisfying way in painting. The focus on the pictorial medium is itself a challenge; within a contemporary art scene in which the variety of availabale media is as vast as the material and digital reality characterizing everyday life … Société Interludio proposes a return to the most traditional and developed medium of the artistic world, which automatically  becomes a starting point to reflect upon its potency and an invitation to a new experimental approach towards today’s artistic production. 

Andrea Barzaghi with his ability to be a lyrical and analytical artist at the same time, presents works that invite you into a world of natural idyll in which the human presence, even if present, is confused and diluted in the plant world. Man becomes an integral part of nature and fades, is incorporated by trees, natural expanses, woods and clearings. In the two cards, wandering figures wander in elusive natural landscapes but at the same time characterized and punctuated by energetic brushstrokes. The metaphysical power of the monochrome line and the irregular format invite introspection and reflection on the increasingly topical theme of the relationship between man and nature. A central theme also in the small portrait, in which a woman emerges from a hedge, almost as if she were an Eve, free and in tune with the pure and powerful nature of an indefinite earthly paradise. 

Enrico Tealdi participates with a series of works in which nature, body and color are delicately dissolved in light brushstrokes, almost as if they were instant images captured at dusk or hidden memories that fleetingly return to the mind, refreshing the soul. We move from the small details of a doll to the poetic power of the large diptych, governed by a misty and suspended atmosphere. On the horizon, a nebula human figure stands out in solitude among the trees. Tealdi’s works not only present a virtuous approach – in its delicacy – to the pictorial medium, but through the centrality of the natural element and the pink color they invite to a moment of meditation and contemplation of the imaginative power of time and human memory. 

The monochrome works by Sebastiano Impellizzeri, on the other hand, invite us to think further. Beyond the traditional role of color, here a central presence and, in its finesse, material that allows us to explore how far the traditional limits of painting can go today. Master in treating the color pink, Impellizzeri proposes the pictorial gesture as the real focus of the work, husband and accomplice of the aesthetic surface. which invites viewers to push themselves to the limits of their thinking and to reflect, through Beauty, on the true demands of today’s aesthetics and society. 

Lauren Wy with Autodesire, proposes a sculptural approach to painting. Small paintings that become a means of investigation, provocation and loud declaration. The decisive features, the acid colors, the mixture of powerful details and dissolved atmospheres characterize the scenes, still images of human experiences seen and experienced firsthand. Painting and color, sinuous bodies and objects populate Wy’s works, whose intent is to evoke strong sensations that inspire questions on issues such as identity formation, the female body and role, queer dynamics and the personal experience of everyone. 

As clearly highlighted by the review of the artists presented on the stand, color, nature and the human being are what Société Interludio offers to the public from Verona and beyond. The display, intended to recall the layout of an exhibition, is presented primarily as an ode to the soul of Société Interludio, which arises from the curatorial reality. It also acts as an epilogue to the pictorial symphony that winds through the entire stand. The works populate the walls in the fullness of their extension and the space in its volumetric development, with the intention of wanting to delicately recreate the grainy effect of the pixels of an image – those that populate the screens of our mobile phones – so as to invite each observer to observe more closely, leaving behind visual-cultural legacies to be carried away by the pink color in the exploration of the brushstrokes, from one canvas to another, in a journey of pure aesthetics, to rediscover the beauty of observing and feeling. 

Allegra Fantini

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