AGATHE ROSA L’altro canto

AGATHE ROSA — L'altro canto

Recontemporary / Salotto
June 22nd – September 10th 2022

With great pleasure we invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition  L’altro canto by the French artist Agathe Rosa, organized in collaboration with Recontemporary.

Agathe Rose - L'altro Canto

Agathe Rose – L’altro Canto

The aim of the show is to choose some key elements of the artist’s research and weave a fil rouge, a line of thought, and propose a  journey . A path that starts from inside the stone to reach the heart of stars, a temporal space which resonates with the intimacy contained in everything, a place to encounter the other: stone, water, light, the wind, the stars.

The exhibition is composed of 4 times: the time of stone, water, sky and stars. All united by a common element: light. Each video is associated with a different way of looking: outdoors, sitting, lying down and standing. Using the whole body to observe an image is an integral part of Agathe’s work. Indeed, she believes that by engaging the whole body, opening and, consequently, dialoguing can be eased. In this way, the journey she proposes is experienced through the eyes, the legs, the spine and the shoulders.


Agathe ROSA (Annecy, 1987) is an artist living and working in Marseille (FR). She graduated from the National School of Architecture in Marseille. Her researches focus on the interaction of natural light with humans and territories. Her work has been presented in France and in several international institutions, such as the Italian Cultural Center for the Manifesta13 Biennale (Marseille, Fr), the CNES Chartreuse (Villeneuve lez Avignon, Fr), the Helio Oiticia Museum (Rio de Janeiro, Br ), the Centre Pompidou (Paris, Fr) and the Raffaele de Grada Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery (San Gimignano, It).

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